Five witnesses, yet no justice.....

      Five Witnesses saw what transpired that day. They all say the same thing. Mike Brown was running away as a Cop shot at him. He then turned to give up, with his arms up, and yet the officer still contiues to shoot hem.Why is this Officer not behind Bars. It is time that ALL officers are held accountable for their actions. Not investigated by their peers, but investigated publicly, by civilians. An unarmed teen was shot dead by a person who was entrusted, and PAID the KEEP people safe. He is at large, and the small town is under martial law? How is that justice? Instead of trampling the rights of your constituents Governor  JayNixon, why not hold accountable the officer who shot dead a defenseless person. In a court of law it takes just 2 witnesses to convict. You have FIVE!

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