The War Against Home Gardening

       It has come to our attention, that in recent history, a bill has passed the senate, that in effect, will cause our home gardens to become illegal.  This is a frightening breach of constitutional rights, as we are now going to be told that we cannot grow our own produce.  This also seems to be an attack on small family farms.  We have reached a day in age, where our government has too much power over us. The bill even goes as far as to outline means of surveillance, as to maintain their Orwellian Laws, and to ensure that we comply with these new laws.  To the avid reader of Revelations, this fits snugly into the prophecies foretold of great famines, and of people without the "mark of the beast", not being able to purchase or sell any food.  Whatever the case may be, it is very unsettling that we have allowed our government this much power without firing those in power that corrupt our constitution.

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