HR 347, Passed......

         So apparently, Back in March of 2012, This bill, HR 347, was passed and signed into law, making it a felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison, to protest on government property. Only 3 Republicans voted against it. Obama Signed it. It's a law! This is what happens when people only care about all of the circus media about irrelevant junk!  We need to snap out of it People!It's past time foe a revolution. A new American Revolution! It is time for EVERY American Man and woman, of EVERY race, and EVERY religion, and EVERY lifestyle, to STAND UP! SPEAK OUT! Make our voices heard as one! It is time to take back our government, and run it the way it was designed to be! Not for the companies or for the Wealthy, but for EVERY United State's Citizen! All of the Working Joe's, and the diligent Debbie's out there that are run down and work there butts off for slave wages just so they barely pay their rent,barely keep their lights on, and get judged because they still need medicaid or stamps just so their Kids can eat! For EVERY American that has been told that they no longer have a right to do what was given them a right to do by CONSTITUTIONAL ORDER!  We need to stop being petty with one another over who's gay and who isn't, or who married who, or how many, or what someone's original gender was, or ones ethnicity! Amerca is made up of Immigrants, plain and simple. We ALL came here from overseas on a boat at one point or another, be it willingly or not, and we live on land that was taken from others, So stop acting so High and friggin' mighty!  If we want our rights preserved, we have to respect the rights of ALL Americans, and work together as one race of PEOPLE! WE, THE PEOPLE!


Constitutional Guaranteed Rights Under Fire

           According to News sources, Our Government is now tring to pass a law, making it a felony to Protest.  WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!  They are trying to silence us so that we cannot fight against their illegal laws, passed by executive order (bypassing the legal route of law-making). They can only get away with it if we let them. We need to all march, together, and with a loud, singular voice, made up of the multitudes of all races, genders, beliefs, lifestyles, and religions, and tell the "NO!". They all need to be fired, and we are the ones that have that authority to do so. They don't want you to know that. That is why they Do what they do. Let's get out there and get our voices heard!