To ban or not to ban?

We believe that banning firearms outright, would itself be a breach of Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens. We would then lose our right to hunt, or to protect ourselves and our families, from criminals who don't care about the law in the first place, or from an external force that may get past military forces, or even from an extremely corrupt government bent on revoking the rights given us by the Constitution. In the following days and weeks to come after this grave tragedy, we must tread cautiously, and attempt to take more control over the means by which people obtain firearms. While grief stricken families and citizens may rush to ask for the banning of guns, let us take a moment to consider this: a criminal will not care if something is banned. Just as they get their hands on drugs and other contraband, they can also get weapons, and use them on us law abiding civilians, and have no firearms to defend against them. Also, please consider that throughout history, all other empires became corrupt and turned on their people.  That leaves none exempt, including ours. If in the event that one too many laws are passed too crush our freedoms, and gives away our right to bare arms, we then make it right for only tyrants and criminals to own weapons. Is that REALLY what we want for the future of our children who we as parents would fight to the death for?

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