A threat from Agenda 21

           I totally concur with what the publisher of this information has said regarding the iminent danger to all americans (and people across the globe) who are elderly and have retired, who are either born with illnesses or other disabilities, or who later on in life (no matter how young or old), have been injured or become ill to the point where they are no longer able to be gainfully employed.
           We as a nation need to be extremely cautious with what political agenda/platform we associate ourselves, and for whom we vote in the upcoming election. What is going to happen to the populations who already cannot do anything but barely exist on what this country's government has deemed a reasonable compensation for their living expenses, due to disability?
           Already, Medicaid and Medicare benefits (what they will or will not pay for) have been cut to the bare bones. For instance, a person who is on SSI only receives a maximum of $698/month for income, and Medicaid has cut things like eye exams and glasses. This applies to everyone on Medicaid, regardless of income or disability, or medical necessity for eye exams (i.e. diabetes, glaucoma).
            This is one of the ways that "Agenda 21" is being applied to reduce the population, and to reduce the population that lives in abject poverty, due to no fault of their own.
            Additionally, if you pay attention to the Republican Party's candidate for President, you will learn that he is not going to help these people, but rather, strip them of all government benefits. He has stated that even one's Social Security check for retirement (you know -the system that we've all been forced to pay into during our working years) is welfare, and that it will no longer be an option for those who are elderly and already retired, or about to retire -or, for that matter, anyone in this country who is now working and still being forced to pay into the system. Nobody will get what they paid in, nor will they get their Medicare -that, also, in his mind, is "welfare". In addition to this, unemployment, which program we are also forced to pay into while working, is considered "welfare", in his mind. He has stated that the unemployment program has just crippled the population, and encouraged those who are able to work to just not seek employment.
            We know that this is not true, and that before NAFTA became law, and it became legal to shut down plants, factories, call centers and the like, and to send those millions of jobs overseas, the good people of this country wanted to work -wanted the self esteem and pride that comes with earning a pay check, and paying their own way, climbing the "corporate ladder", and achieving their goals, personally, and as a family. We also (and I have witnessed it personally, with several of my own family members) that people have strived to maintain an employment status and steady income, and lately, have been forced (especially middle-aged to elderly)to apply for the jobs which traditionally went to high school and college students, just to be able to exist. This is the sad and tragic truth of the american dream, and all of those who have had those dreams dashed into pieces because of outsourcing of so many jobs.
           The current president is not perfect, no -not by any means. However, he does want to pass legislation which would reward employers for bringing jobs back into the US. The opponent has no desire to help people to get jobs (only to take them from one group and give them to another group, and then claim that he has gotten people jobs). This is not what this country needs, in addition to the fact that while so many jobs are overseas, he wants to dismantle every government assistance program, and also to dismantle the Social Security System, Medicare, and Medicaid -without ensuring that those who are able to work are working, and not caring one bit about thousands who are unable to work, or who are already aged and retired.
            This Republican candidate has made it clear that there will be no more government assistance of any kind, even those programs which were mandatory with regard to contribution. Food Stamps, which he has claimed has crippled the citizens of this country, and regardless of the fact that millions of jobs were outsourced (by -guess who? The Godfather of outsourcing), nobody has a need of or a right to this program which was set up to help people to feed their children and themselves when they fell upon hard times, again -due to nothing they have done wrong- will also be done away with if this candidate is elected to the office of President.
             SO, what will happen to all of the citizens of this country, and around the world who are just UNABLE TO WORK? Are we going to return to this country's dark ages, when people were all thrown together in institutions, not properly cared for, abused, neglected, and even murdered? Is this really what we want to do to people who have become ill or injured, through no fault of their own? Do we want to put the mentally challenged in the same institution as the psychopath, antisocial, murderer, and those with HIV/AIDS, TB, and other communicable diseases, who are unable to work? Seriously, what will happen to them once these programs are no longer available to them? And what will happen to the millions of those who are still able to work, but whose jobs were stolen from them, and given to someone else?
            Has anyone ever wondered why outsourcing/NAFTA truly was passed and made law? The real answer goes back to AGENDA 21. Reducing poverty in one country, increasing it in another, which in the end will reduce the population of the sick, injured and elderly, because there will be nothing left for them but to wait to be thrown into the streets (and vagrancy/homelessness will get them locked up, then institutionalized, and finally, dead!), yes, and dead, due to untreated disease/health issues, hunger, dehydration, being unable to defend themselves when attacked while living on the streets -dead,one way or the other!
            There are many more antisocial, anti-humane beliefs and plans that will be put into action if this person is elected, which I don't have time or energy at this moment to list, but I will be back with more information, to be sure.
             Please help the good, hard working and honest people of this country to prevent the further destruction of this union, and the families and individuals who have helped to make this country what it once was to continue to survive and to thrive, and vote your conscience on election day. Please, help spread the word about Agenda 21, and bring your friends here to read and share their views.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

God Bless America! :)

Actual agenda 21 Bill

         This is Very scary for anyone who is unable to work due to any disabilities. Is this really what we want for our nation?  Take a look....

Core Publications
Agenda 21

Agenda 21Table of Contents

Chapter Paragraphs
1. Preamble 1.1 - 1.6


*see A/CONF.151/26/REV.1(VOL.I)
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عربي | 中文 | English| Français| Русский | Español
Chapter Paragraphs
2. International cooperation to accelerate sustainable development in developing countries and related domestic policies 2.1 - 2.43
3. Combating poverty 3.1 - 3.12
4. Changing consumption patterns 4.1 - 4.27
5. Demographic dynamics and sustainability 5.1 - 5.66
6 Protecting and promoting human health conditions 6.1 - 6.46
7. Promoting sustainable human settlement development 7.1 - 7.80
8. Integrating environment and development in decision-making 8.1 - 8.54


*see A/CONF.151/26/REV.1(VOL.II)
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Chapter Paragraphs
9. Protection of the atmosphere 9.1 - 9.35
10. Integrated approach to the planning and management of land resources 10.1 - 10.18
11. Combating deforestation 11.1 - 11.40
12. Managing fragile ecosystems: combating desertification and drought 12.1 - 12.63
13. Managing fragile ecosystems: sustainable mountain development 13.1 - 13.24
14. Promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development 14.1 - 14.104
15. Conservation of biological diversity 15.1 - 15.11
16. Environmentally sound management of biotechnology 16.1 - 16.46
17. Protection of the oceans, all kinds of seas, including enclosed and semi-enclosed seas, and coastal areas and the protection, rational use and development of their living resources 17.1 - 17.136
18. Protection of the quality and supply of freshwater resources: application of integrated approaches to the development, management and use of water resources 18.1 - 18.90
19. Environmentally sound management of toxic chemicals, including prevention of illegal international traffic in toxic and dangerous products 19.1 - 19.76
20. Environmentally Sound Management of Hazardous Wastes, Including Prevention of Illegal International Traffic in Hazardous Wastes 20.1 - 20.46
21. Environmentally sound management of solid wastes and sewage-related issues 21.1 - 21.49
22. Safe and environmentally sound management of radioactive wastes 22.1 - 22.9


*see A/CONF.151/26 Vol. III
Chapter Paragraphs
23. Preamble 23.1 - 23.4
24. Global action for women towards sustainable and equitable development 24.1 - 24.12
25. Children and youth in sustainable development 25.1 - 25.17
26. Recognizing and strengthening the role of indigenous people and their communities 26.1 - 26.9
27. Strengthening the role of non-governmental organizations: partners for sustainable development 27.1 - 27.13
28. Local authorities' initiatives in support of Agenda 21 28.1 - 28.7
29. Strengthening the role of workers and their trade unions 29.1 - 29.14
30. Strengthening the role of business and industry 30.1 - 30.30
31. Scientific and technological community 31.1 - 31.12
32. Strengthening the role of farmers 32.1 - 32.14


*see A/CONF.151/26 Vol. III
Chapter Paragraphs
33. Financial resources and mechanisms 33.1 - 33.21
34. Transfer of environmentally sound technology, cooperation and capacity-building 34.1 - 34.29
35. Science for sustainable development 35.1 - 35.25
36. Promoting education, public awareness and training 36.1 - 36.27
37. National mechanisms and international cooperation for capacity-building in developing countries 37.1 - 37.13
38. International institutional arrangements 38.1 - 38.45
39. International legal instruments and mechanisms 39.1 - 39.10
40. Information for decision-making 40.1 - 40.30

Agenda 21

  Here is an article That I find informing and alarming.

   Americans are so focused on Congress and Obama at the federal level of government right now that most are overlooking the socialism creeping in at the local level through Agenda 21. It is easy to overlook local government since people are saturated with too much information in the internet age. Compounding this is the fact that Agenda 21 is a dull topic, and it becomes understandable how it has been able to fly mostly under the radar since 1992, slowly working its way into our cities and counties.
Agenda 21, which reportedly means an agenda for the 21st century, is a United Nations program launched in 1992 for the vague purpose of achieving global "sustainable development." Congress never approved Agenda 21, although Presidents Obama, Clinton and George H.W. Bush have all signed Executive Orders implementing it. 178 other world leaders agreed to it in 1992 at the Rio Summit. Since then, the U.N. has mostly bypassed national governments, using Agenda 21’s International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (“ICLEI”) to make agreements directly with local governments. ICLEI's U.S. presence has grown to include agreements with over 600 cities, towns and counties here, which are now copying the land use plans prescribed in Agenda 21.
Some conservatives are trying to attract attention to Agenda 21 by labeling it a secret conspiracy to create a one world government. While that will wake some people up, it will turn off others. It does not matter whether it is a conspiracy or not. There are people on the left side of the political spectrum - who may even believe they have good intentions - working together to spread their vision for society worldwide. Whether they meet in dark rooms or openly in public meetings is irrelevant; they are having great success convincing local governments in the U.S. to adopt their socialist and extreme environmentalist programs under the guise of feel-good buzz words. Left wing billionaire George Soros's Open Society has provided $2,147,415 to ICLEI. Van Jones' Green for All and the Tides Foundations’ Apollo Alliance are also reportedly ICLEI contributors.
Agenda 21 ostensibly seeks to promote "sustainability" (the latest revisionist word for "environmentalism," since Americans have learned too many negative things about environmentalism). "Sustainability" is an amorphous concept that can be interpreted to an extreme degree that would regulate and restrict many parts of our lives. When will the level of carbon emissions be low enough? How much must we reduce our consumption of fossil fuels? Preserving the environment is a dubious science, and what steps are really necessary to protect the environment are anyone's guess.
Agenda 21 promotes European socialist goals that will erode our freedoms and liberties. Most of its vague, lofty sounding phrases cause the average person’s eyes to glaze over, making it easier to sneak into our communities. The environmentalist goals include atmospheric protection, combating pollution, protecting fragile environments, and conserving biological diversity. Agenda 21 goes well beyond environmentalism. Other broad goals include combating poverty, changing consumption patterns, promoting health, and reducing private property ownership, single-family homes, private car ownership, and privately owned farms. It seeks to cram people into small livable areas and institute population control. There is a plan for “social justice” that will redistribute wealth.
Once these vague, overly broad goals are adopted, they are being interpreted to allow massive amounts of new, overreaching regulations. Joyce Morrison from Eco-logic Powerhouse says Agenda 21 is so broad it will affect the way we "live, eat, learn and communicate." Berit Kjos, author of Brave New Schools, warns that Agenda 21 "regulation would severely limit water, electricity, and transportation - even deny human access to our most treasured wilderness areas, it would monitor all lands and people. No one would be free from the watchful eye of the new global tracking and information system." Even one of the authors of Agenda 21 has admitted that it "…calls for specific changes in the activities of all people…" These steps are already being enacted little by little at the local levels.
Since the U.S. is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and uses more energy than any other country, it stands to lose the most from environmental regulations. The goal of "sustainability," which comes down to using government to heavy-handedly accomplish vague goals of caring for the earth, goes contrary to our free market capitalism. Even more unfair, struggling third world countries and communist countries that cannot financially afford to comply with the onerous environmental regulations will continue their high levels of fossil fuel consumption, and the U.S. will be forced by U.N. regulators to conserve even more to make up for those countries.
Obama signed Executive Order 13575 earlier this month, establishing a "White House Rural Council" prescribed by Agenda 21. The amount of government Obama has directed to administer this is staggering. Obama committed thousands of federal employees in 25 federal agencies to promote sustainability in rural areas, completely bypassing Congressional approval. Some of these agencies are unrelated to rural areas. The agencies will entice local communities into adopting Agenda 21 programs by providing them millions of dollars in grants. Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh writing for Canada Free Press analyzed the order and wrote, "it establishes unchecked federal control into rural America in education, food supply, land use, water use, recreation, property, energy, and the lives of 16% of the U.S. population."
Tea party groups, talk show host Glenn Beck, and organizations like Freedom Advocates, Catholic Investigative Agency and Sovereignty International are working hard to expose Agenda 21, but there is only so much a few can do. Some local governments have become aware of what Agenda 21 is really about and dropped out of ICLEI this year. The Carroll County Board of Commissioners, Montgomery County in Pennsylvania and the city of Edmond, Oklahoma have all withdrawn their participation.
It will be difficult to defeat Agenda 21 because it requires changing the attitudes of over 600 separate localities across the U.S. Ideally, a conservative president could roll back the executive orders implementing it, but considering Republican President H.W. Bush was a disappointment in this area that may be too much to hope for. If Republicans take over Congress they could challenge the huge power grab Obama made with Executive Order 13575 and ban Agenda 21 in the U.S. For now, local activists must champion this issue, much like Texans for Accountable Government has done, educating local boards and commissions and serving on them. Agenda 21 is a tedious and overwhelming topic, and until it can be explained in an easy-to-understand way that interests the average American, it will be tough to beat back.
 Author: Rachel Alexander -the Intellectual Conservative.

Disclaimer: I am not the author of this article.